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Phnom Penh

36 hours in Cambodia's capitol city.

Story by Dustin Johnston August 9th, 2016

first look

A Cambodian gas station.
Check out those electrical wires.
I'm always quick to shoot a panning shot of the traffic.
Sugar cane for sale.
Peeking out.
Monk in a tuk tuk.
Street sign and market goods.
Break time.
Car shop.
Fruit for sale.
More fruit for sale.
$2.50 for a t-shirt.
Candid inside the market.
The hustle and bustle.
Meat hooks.
The ice chipper.
Street food.
Dusk on an average street in town.

tuolsleng and choeung ek

I have few words for this place. It was just awful and so necessary to visit.
A school turned into a jail and place of torture. The atrocities committed here are beyond my comprehension.
I took almost no photos inside but felt I needed to take a couple to capture the horror of this place.
I took almost no photos here as well. It's a somber place - one to just listen and hear the stories in hopes they never happen again.
Built in honor of those who lost their life here.
These people were murdered out of fear, hatred, and ignorance.

from the back of a tuk tuk

Putting that motorbike to work.
A friendly wave.
I guess Cambodians let kids drive at a younger age than we do in the U.S.
No need to buy a helmet, he'd just grow out of it.
Safety first!
A majority of people we saw waved and smiled at us (and my camera.)
Two girls on a bike.
Chopping ice.
Computer monitors.
Nobody refrigerates eggs out here.
Nothing is too big to be carried on a motorbike.
You rarely see a child with a helmet.
I think that's a machine to pulverize sugarcane to make sweet drinks.
Another common thing with young children on bikes: holding them up higher so they can see around them.
Average-to-low traffic.
Motorbikes lining up at a traffic light.
She's asleep? No problem, let's go.
Family of five.
Kid's seat.
Pinwheels for sale.
A day in the park.
Monk and some futbol.
Monks at Wat Phnom.
One ice block to cool them all.
Lemongrass snails for sale.
All kinds of food for sale.
At a busy park outside Wat Phnom.
Footnote: Photos by Dustin Johnston // Twitter, Instagram: @DJPhotoVideo //
Phnom Penh, Cambodia